A little insight… Joanfrances – Psychic medium, Speaker, Tutor & Healer

Joanfrances Boyle, known as The Scottish Seer©, Past Life Surrogate© and The Psychic Property Surveyor©, has many strings to her bow, so to speak. If she were a musical instrument, she would be a harp. With each string finely tuned and ready to play beautiful music. Joanfrances has spent most of her adult life pursuing the truth about life after death, paranormal activity, past life surrogacy, empathic awakening, energetic systems (Aura & Chakra), mindfulness and the use of Intuitive Mind Power including Target Remote Viewing.


Joanfrances has been mediumistic since childhood and in 1987 she decided to follow her intuition and began to work publicly. This involved joining a Spiritualist Church with Healing and Spirit Communication groups. Since then Joanfrances has continued to develop her Natural Abilities and worked within the public and corporate sectors as a Past Life Surrogate, Psychic Property Surveyor, Empathic Diagnostic, and a Psychic Investigator incorporating her intuitive gifts as a: Mediumistic and Psychic Projection. Meaning Joanfrances is Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairambient, Clairelient, Clairempathic, Claireactive, Clairsomatica, Clairenviro, Claircognisant and is a Target Remote Viewer. Along with her Academic achievements as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Indian Head Massage Therapist, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Master Teacher, Indian head Massage and Executive Firewalking Instructor. Joanfrances Professional & Natural Development

Professional Certifications:
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Tibetan Usui Reiki Master Teacher
Karuna Reiki Master Teacher
Indian Head Massage Therapist
Energetic Sensory Therapy (E.S.P.)
Mythic Tarot Consultant and Teacher

Executive Firewalking Instructor

Book PublicationJoanfrances is delighted to announce her forthcoming book called, ‘Past Life Surrogacy’, which is being published by Balboa Press, – A Division of Hay House 2018.

Pre-order your copy today.

Intuitive Development has been:
Target Remote Viewing
Past Life Surrogacy (Full Three Aspects)
Psychic Property Surveying
Spirit Communication
Psychic Awakening
Aura & Chakra Visualisation
Meditation & Mindfulness 

Channelled Therapeutic Systems:
Past Life Surrogacy
Past Life Energetic Healing
Intuitive Empathic Diagnostic System
Including Reading Auras Intuitively
Chakra Discovery
Healing Intuitively.
Intuitive Life Coaching
Dimensional Reiki Living System
Dimensional Nucleus Activation
Amaran Reiki System

Radio, TV Appearances / Interviews:  
Joanfrances appeared live on a weekly basis, on the “Live At Six” TV Show. She has appeared on various talk shows, debates and TV shows and has been interviewed on live radio by North Sound, Radio Clyde, 3T FM and internet Radio shows. She has also appeared on Fox’s News, Dallas, Texas with the F.I.R.E. team.
Publications: Joanfrances has been featured in various newspapers and health magazines. And much more to come!

The World of Visual Imagery Collection & Psychic Development Products:

MP3 – Body Intelligence© (Joanfrances has 6 products she has in MP3 – Bus Ride To Heaven© development due for release)

Testimonials for Joanfrances Boyle

“I visited Joan when I had a chest infection which I could not shake. Additionally I was in the process of the first few months of starting self-employment and building a business. A colleague suggested I visit Joan and I was amazed at how good I felt afterwards. My brain had become “confused and stagnant”. After my Reiki healing I felt “renewed” and have gone from strength to strength. It really was as if a weight had been lifted from me and I was truly energised and ready to go at full speed. I have promised myself the firewalking training sometime in the future.”

- Mari Lee
Testimonials for Joanfrances Boyle

"I first met joan frances in early 1999 which is when i started my journey with joan and with reiki, since then i have completed reiki 1,reiki 2 and reiki master teacher courses with joan and the results have been nothing short of life changing,joan has a very special gift which she uses for the good of others she is passionate about what she does and it has been a privelage to have her as my teacher and mentor."

Testimonials for Joanfrances Boyle

I just wanted to let you know that you were right, I am pregnant I will be 3weeks on Tuesday!!! 😀 Thanks again for all your help with my past life am still gob smacked with what you said! Hope to speak to you soon, Take care Kasey 😀 xxx

- Kasey