Self Discovery

Self Discovery helps the person to look deep within their life to identify what and why certain patterns keep re-appearing in their life. It also gives an understanding of what changes need to be addressed to clear the old unwanted patterns that have been keeping them form achieving their goals and full poetical. A person lost in their dilemmas of life have also lost their self-worth as well as their confidence and self-esteem.

If a person wants to embrace new ways of living, then they need to make important and necessary changes to fulfil their life. Are you ready to embrace the change of a lifetime? Is it time to dissolve negative patterns that have been holding you in retention and with the use of the Mythic Realm you will learn new ways of perceiving life differently. 

There are different time approaches to this Self Discovery and it will depend on the individual which one suits. There is also a group workshop available. 

Therapy: 1) Two- Two hour sessions – Steady as we go approach conducted in person or over skype. 

Therapy: 2) One- 4 hour session – for those whom time is of the essence – Full impact conducted in person or over skype.