Firewalking & Corporate


Life changing experiences are the way to forge ahead.

Firewalling can be used to create unique events that will be fun, daring and life changing. The three sectors are made up above to help you look at your sector more easily.

Firewalk Your Way To Success

Private ~ Corporate ~ Fundraising Events

To create your own unique Firewalking Event, or reserve a place on an existing event call Certificated Executive Firewalking Instructor Joanfrances Boyle on: 01698 331008 or 07832251798

Some Benefits Of Firewalking

  • Conquer Fears
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Build Confidence
  • Recognize and Trust Intuition
  • Create Serious Change
  • Expand Your View of Yourself and the World
  • Breakthrough Self-imposed Limitations
  • Shift Limiting Beliefs Into New Empowering Beliefs
  • Team Building
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Motivation
  • Peak Performance
  • Challenge Yourself
  • Healing and Purification

Charity Firewalk

Fundraising Charity Firewalk

contact Joanfrances to organise an event for your specific charity.

A mandatory disclaimer must be singed before participation. 

Everyone is a winner!

Do you have a favourite charity that you would like to help? If the answer is “Yes” then here is one way you can help. You can help by raising much needed funds that will allow them to continue in their work helping others overcome difficulties in life.

“How” I here you ask, well Firewalking and Glaswalking are two of the best and most empowering ways to raise money quickly and effectively. We all become winners; your charity gets the much-needed help to change the beneficiaries’ lives, you get the opportunity of a life changing Firewalking or Glasswalking experience and I get to deliver these Empowering Seminars. That’s not all. It can all happen in one day.

Executive Firewalker Instructor Joanfrances Boyle trained at the best Firewalking Training Centre in the world (F.I.R.E, Dallas, Texas). Joanfrances invites you to take up the “Courageous Firewalk” or “Walk with Passion”  Firewalking Challenges or the “Crush Your Way To Success” Glasswalking Challenge and put the spark back into your life by helping your favourite charity, succeed at what they do best. At the same time, give yourself the opportunity to attend a life changing experience that you deserve.

No matter how large or small the group, or perhaps you are an individual who really wants to help, contact Joan Frances and she will advise you the next step in one or both of these satisfying journey.

Next Charity Event:

Anyone wishing to participate in the snapping of the arrows or walking on the hot coals is required to sign a disclaimer, release waiver form before the fire building and Motivational Seminar begins. No sign No participation!

If you would like more information about Firewalking please contact Executive Firewalking Instructor Joanfrances Boyle on 01698 331008 or 07832251798. Be warned! This Seminar can have seriously positive effects on your Life!!!!!!

Once you’ve faced your fears, just think what else can you do with your new found confidence and self-belief? Come Firewalk with Executive Firewalking Instructor Joanfrances Boyle.


Private Firewalk

“Sacred Firewalk”

Private Event

Firewalking is a personal experience and can be shared with others in your own private Firewalk i.e. family, friends and private clubs, groups.

Your Firewalk can be specifically designed to suit the needs of those taking part i.e. spiritual growth, fun and personal development.

Everyone needs to feel supported in life and Firewalking is a great way to help the participating firewalkers achieve their full potential in a non-judgemental environment.

The exhilaration in watching your fellow firewalkers overcome any limitations they may have about themselves, and achieving their goals is truly a satisfying feeling.

Firewalking is one of the best transformational tools to shift the balance of thoughts from negative to positive thinking. Creating a “Sacred Firewalk” space allows each potential Firewalker to relax and let the old barriers melt away.

Corporate Firewalk

“Ignite The Spirit”


Corporate Event

This one-day seminar “Ignite The Spirit” is experiential and designed to transform limiting beliefs, which have stopped you and your team (workforce) achieving the wonderful aspirations and targets, you want, need and desire in life and career.

Ignite the Spirit day is not just for the individuals, but also promotes and develops a team spirit that will lead your company to success.

Too many teams lose out because one or two team members have lack of drive. That old cliché comes to mind, “Your only as good as your weakest team member”.

Is it time to rekindle the spark into your workforce?

Spark up the drive and determination that is locked inside you and your workforce.

Joanfrances Boyle, Mind Navigator and Executive Firewalker Instructor, has designed Corporate Event days like “Ignite The Spirit” to build confidence and take a close look at your team’s mannerisms ~ “The good, bad and the down right ugly.”


These fun packed, daring yet astonishing, navigational days will strip away limiting beliefs, that are not only damaging to the individual, but down right destructive to the team, that drives your company.


Defeat the negative ~ release you and your team into a whole new beginning.


Teamwork made easy.