Past Life Surrogacy Services

Joanfrances Boyle uses Past Life Surrogacy Service as a therapeutic tool, and as Past Lives can reveal positive, negative and as Joanfrances puts it, misplaced Karma, she wishes to inform you Past Life Surrogacy sessions can be revealing, riveting, and fascinatingly jaw dropping, it can also be extremely graphic in nature. Nothing will be held back!

How does Joanfrances do it?  She calls it a unique intuitive gift, where she uses herself as a surrogate for the client. Unbelievably, within 3 breaths that’s just 21seconds, she will navigate her intuitive multi-sensory system towards your Past Life. A specific Past Life that has and is still creating negative or misplaced Karmic in your present life.

Joanfrances will reveal to you the Past Life experiences, which are the triggers that have explicitly created negative energetic patterns that now control your day- to- day situations in your present life. Joanfrances literally takes on board your Past Life feelings, she sees what you would have seen, she touches the things you would have touched, feels the emotions that you would have experienced, she will experience the aromas and tastes exactly as YOU would have in your Past Life! It also demonstrates how you attract and react to relationships with people, animals, plants, jobs, and places, not to mention genetic associations or trauma defects.

Joanfrances calls this, “an energetic timeline disruption”, which she believes leads to unwanted distress patterns within the Human Emotional, Sensual and Mental functions, which eventually leads to the development of phantom and factual ailments connecting to the Human Physical Body. These physical ailments can range from birthmarks to chronic Psoriasis, Phantom Pain to Rheumatoid Arthritis, Birth Blindness to Amputations, Asthma to COPD, and much, much more, all of which, will have adverse effects on a person’s everyday life.

Believe it or not Joanfrances can do all of this without any previous knowledge of the client, not even their name.

Joanfrances says, “Once the Past Life Surrogacy Retrieval Service has been completed it can become a dynamic and transformational moment, bringing a full understanding and freedom to the client.” This is what she calls “Bearing Witness.”

Remember, Joanfrances as the surrogate will verbally relay the significant information to you the client as the Past Life or lives are retrieved.
Ask yourself these questions:
Have ever wondered who you were in a past life? 
Are you curious as to why you are drawn to certain cultures, artefacts or places? 
Have you ever wondered if the Energetic imprints from your Past Life are holding you back in this life?
Furthermore, have you ever considered that your ailments or conditions of this present life are a direct result of Negative or Misplaced Karmic Imprints© from your previous incarnations?
Do you feel there is something holding you back in life, but you just cannot put your finger on it?
Do you find yourself getting into the same situations time and time again?
Is there always a nagging feeling inside you to change your lifestyle?
When major changes are about to happen in your life, do you like to be with a person that is willing to help you?
Joanfrances calls this Past Life Syndrome, which are the tell-tale signs of what is holding you back in life.

If the answer is “yes” and you are ready to let go of the Past Life Negative or Misplaced Karma that has been holding you back, then this is the service you have been waiting for.

You will be asked to sign a Disclaimer Form as standard practice, as all Past Life Surrogacy Sessions are experiential, and you may or may not experience, flashbacks or other sensations associated with the retrieved Past Life information during and after the session. 

Past Life Surrogacy as a private consultation:
This includes all 4 stages, all of which are completed in the one session.
All sessions are recorded but not guaranteed.
If you have your own audio recording device – please feel free to bring it with you.

Stage 1) Joanfrances will begin the process of surrogacy to unlock the past life/s incarnation/s to be explored. She will reveal in real time the positive as well as the negative or misplaced Karma that has been holding you to restriction in this life.

Stage 2) Joanfrances carries out the Energetic Interface, this is an amazing moment as the client can clearly identify and fully understand where their ailments, fears, phobias and negative situations of this present life are a direct result of Negative or Misplaced Karmic Imprints from their previous incarnations. This is truly a fascinating, jaw dropping transformational moment for the client. 

Stage 3) This is where Joanfrances reconnects as the Past Life Surrogate for a final time to carry out the Restorative Interface©.  This Past Life Surrogacy Reveal Session frees not only yourself, but the others involved in the retrieved Past Life information, due to the soul trauma you have shared with them in the past incarnation.

Stage 4) A final discussion after the Past Life Surrogacy Session is complete to review the benefits gained.

For a private session contact Joanfrances Boyle, Past Life Surrogate

Past Life Surrogacy Reveal Demonstration – A Demonstration with a Difference!
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