Dimensional Nucleus Activation

Dimensional Nucleus Activation 

DNA Activation is a revolutionary and unique system. It was said to be “The key to mankind’s survival” this unique system was channelled directly from source. 

As we re-activate the 10 energy DNA strands, we begin to clear limiting negative vibrational patterns. By raising our vibration we become a clear energy channel awakening the sleeping 10 energetic strands of Nucleus Infinite Awesomeness on all Dimensions, will consciously open our thoughts to whom we really are. Thus bringing full potential to our energy field, and at the same time raising the earth’s vibration. 

This inner knowing reconnects us with our birth vision (purpose in life). This activation will also enhance our abilities beyond the normal 5 senses. It will increase our vibration, accelerate our healing potential, enhance our abilities within the field of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairambiance and claireliance. 

Also this activation will amplify the internal signal that brings about successful manifestations. No more hoping or wondering if it will come to you, you can “manifest it to happen.” This Dimensional Nucleus Activation system is a powerful healing and awakening, connecting people with their true power and potential of your Infinite Awesomeness.  

What Is a Activation Like? 

Activations can be carried out in person or from a distance Joanfrances has conducted many activations by Zoom online system.  You can sit on a chair or lie down fully clothed to receive your energy activation. The Qualified DNA Practitioner projects (hands) will be placed on per-determined hand positions. The client may experience lots of different feelings and some have even reported to have seen the energy activation take place within their inner vision. Client’s described seeing lots of colours and an inner knowing of things to come. Some have said that they could feel the stresses of their life lift away, leaving them with a beautiful feeling of peace. Others describe the most amazing spiritual experiences beyond anything previously inwardly witnessed.  

How Long Does a Activation Last? This Activation can be conducted in two ways:

1) GROUPS, EXPO and FAIRS Experience: No case taking conducted except a brief release form or verbal consent concluded, followed by up to 20 mins activation with 5 minutes after activation discussion. The Person would be as to sit still for a further 15 minuets, before carrying on with their now empower life.  

2) Private Sessions; is in two parts: although some people only have the activation part and let their inner knowing come to the surface. Some people like to have a pre session to discuss the Activation system in connection to their personal info and then second session for the Activation itself. This way is for the client that wishes Both ways the client feels benefits on all levels immediately.
a) The first treatment time consists of up to a 20 minutes Case History taken and a further discussion in connection to the Activation.                                                                                                                       b) The Second Session is a  25mins Activation, allowing 20 minutes after treatment discussion.

The Client can have further on instructional session, we learn how to manifest all our personal wants, dreams and desires, if required.