Intuitive Life Coaching

Intuitive Life Coaching© With Joanfrances Boyle

Intuitive Life Coaching© is a ground-breaking therapy created over 12 years ago by Joanfrances Boyle.  Intuitive Therapeutic Techniques are used to discover the underlying causes behind your physical, emotional, sexual, mental and soul blockages, which can often have a Negative or Misplaced Karmic connection and as these connections are often revealed within the first 30 minutes of your session, we will have plenty of time to explore your future pathway setting out goals developing strategies to overcome potential problematic areas, allowing you to succeed in life.

Different situations can be presented to you in your day-to-day life in very another dietary of ways. Some can come from limiting and difficult situations that have been thrust upon you from another, and some you may have created yourself. Either way, this limiting and in some cases complex situation is real, often causing health problems you could do without, let alone restricting you from enjoying life.

The damage can be compounded even further if you do not deal with this situation or if you try to sweep it under the carpet, so to speak. The metaphor I use is “The Prison” i.e. the incident becomes the prison cell, the instigator becomes the jailer, and you are the prisoner and the judge. The sentence imposed is the duration of time that you alone, as the judge, inflicts upon you, the prisoner. Therefore, you alone hold the key to release yourself from the prison cell.

These self or otherwise imposed limitations can only lead to one thing, the eruption of self-sabotaging patterns. These self-sabotaging patterns are derived from the misconception of the Ego and the Sub-conscious, which will create all sorts of reasons and sometimes great excuses as to why, buy now, this out of control situation, started in the first place. This self-inflicted psychological intimidation sets the foundation for emotional and mental imbalances, which in turn open the door for self-destructive behaviour patterns to establish themselves, and for “dis-ease” to take place in the body!

Intuitive Life Coaching© strips away layers of fabrication that has built up over time exposing the truth of life situations, which in turn will reveal the map to freedom.  Intuitive Life Coaching© is a supportive therapy, which empowers a person at the vital moment when Essential and much-needed life changes are being created.

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